March 24, 2020 in Off-Ice Training

Goalie Yin (deep restorative) Yoga

Goalie Yin (deep restorative) Yoga

Toes Pose (5 minutes)

Establish your breathing; the further you sit back the more you will stretch

Frog with forehead resting (5 minutes)

Place your hips and knees to the outside of the mat; sink in and breath

Frog with a Twist  (3 minutes each side)

Execute frog pose with 1 shoulder to the ground

Child’s Pose (5 minutes)

Keep your knees out but move your feet together and sit back on the heels

Seal Pose (3 minutes)

Dig in the toes and extend from the legs through the torso gazing slightly up

Deep Squat (5 minutes)

Keep your weight on the heels and sit back; hands to prayer with your elbows pushing knees out

Dangle (3 minutes)

Standing forward bend with cradled arms allowing gravity to pull you down; feet together

Butterfly (5 minutes)

Sit back feet together with knees flowing out; grab the toes and lean forward for 75% of a stretch

Shoelace (3 minutes each side)

Place 1 leg under and one leg over until your knees are aligned atop one another

Dragonfly (5 minutes)

Wide legs leaning forward to get 75% of a stretch; rest and remember to breath

Pigeon (3 minutes each side)

Place 1 leg under you knee at a 90 degree angle; use a pillow or block under you hip for support

Hip internal rotation  (3 minutes each side)

Lay back feet planted flat on the ground and allow one leg to rotate inward at a 75% stretch

Supported Fish (10 minutes)

Feet planted flat on the ground with knees together and no curve in the spine; rest and reflect

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